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Plan your career in industrial automation

The Industrial Automation Industry in South Africa Industrial Automation entails MANY different aspects: from field devices (instrumentation) to PLC programming; from PLC hardware to enterprise level software and everything in between.  It is a vast value chain and requires skills and understanding of the process being controlled, safety requirements and implications of different types of equipment and how it all fits together.  Mechanical, electrical, electronic, chemical and industrial engineering knowledge and skills all play a part in the success of an automation professional.

The Automation Industry is an exciting mix of skills and competencies and there are quite a number of role players (to name a few):
Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) Society for Automation Instrumentation Measurement and Control (SAIMC)Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Africa (MESA) South African Council for Automation and Control (SACAC)   And then there are the companies that supply automation …
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FIRST South Africa graduate studies at MIT

Introducing FIRST SA graduate: Heiko Kabutz The STEM blog of South Africa is all about STEM, STEMed, robotics and other industrial technology in South Africa.  I have had the privilege of  personally witnessing the "mayhem" that is FIRST!   A post shared by Jurie Weidemann (@weidejur) on Jan 13, 2018 at 10:43am PST
Young learners going crazy for robotics and achieving tasks with machines they designed and built from the ground up to perform very specific tasks is something to behold!  And believe you me, they don't hold back! There is no doubt in my mind that kids going through the FIRST program all have bright futures ahead of them, whether they choose to go into STEM professions or not!  Heiko Kabutz is a shining example of this fact. Heiko is currently a third year mechanical engineering student.  After studying at UP in 2016/17 he got the opportunity to study at MIT in 2018. Heiko’s STEM education started before he enrolled at UP though.  He is a Proudly South African FIRS…

Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and its VAs

ECSA is a statutory body The Engineering Profession Act (EPA), 46 of 2000 (which can be downloaded in PDF format here: EPA 46 of 2000), "...provides for the establishment of a juristic person to be known as the Engineering Council of South Africa; to provide for the

registration of professionals, candidates and specified categories in the engineering profession;to provide for the regulation of the relationship between the Engineering Council of South Africa and the Council for the Built Environment; and to provide for matters connected therewith." Primarily, the Engineering Council of South Africa is responsible to regulate the engineering profession in South Africa in accordance with the EPA.  Since ECSA can only sustain a small number of people, the Voluntary Associations (VA's) play a consulting role to support ECSA in setting standards, evaluating candidates in each of their fields of expertise and identifying education requirements.  However, ECSA is the only body i…

What should education look like?

The employment world is changing but our schools and education system has remained the same for about 30 years Last week I published a post about the "Education System in South Africa" and it mostly spoke to the fact that our system of education is flawed.  In the light of that I'd like to share some videos that express my sentiment about what education should look like:
Michael Moore on schools in Finland:

6 Problems with our School System

Hackschooling makes me happy | Logan LaPlante

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The Education System of South Africa

South African Matric Results 2017 In the light of the 2017 Matric Results being released this week, I have asked long time teacher and current principal of Regio Centurion Independent Primary School (, Christa Weidemann, to give us some insights into the education system of South Africa.  Christa's contact details are on Regio's website, but if you like you can reach her on LinkedIn at - Christa's LinkedIn Profile
"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think"