Honda Home Energy Station

Is so cutting edge.  Amongst other things there is the ASIMO robot which immediately gets me imagining a future with androids like Data from Star Trek.

Next World on DStv/Discovery is a show about what the future could look
like according to inventors and visionaries.  This caught my attention straightaway.  One of the episodes featured Vehicles of the future - more about that here - and Honda's Home Energy Station (HES) sparked my interest.

This HES produces hydrogen gas that can be used to refuel a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) like Honda's FCX Clarity, but the clever part is the process of converting natural gas to hydrogen generates electricity and heat.  The problem with FCEV's are that there are very little places where they can be refueled and Honda decided to have a refueling station at home is the answer to this problem.

The thing a about hydrogen gas is that it is ABUNDANT and naturally available and I believe that the answer to a greener future lies with hydrogen.
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