Mobile Processors

ARM Processors: Are being used in most mobile phones as the main CPU including Apple, HTC, Samsung and Nokia phones.

Arm Holdings headquarters is based in Cambridge, UK and employes over 2'000 people.  The company was founded in 1990.  Read more about them on their website.

 In 2009 ASIC Design Services was established as an approved training
centre for official ARM training.

Cortex-M (microcontroller unit - MCU)
Extract from the ARm website:

There are a common set of industry-leading technologies found across the entire range of ARM processors, including:

Cortex-A (CPU used in mobile units)

Where to buy these world domintating processors or development kits?  Go to
RS Components or AP Electronics. Here you can find various packages ranging from around R300-00 up to around R1500-00.  Take note that the ARM core is being sold to different manufacturers like 'ATMEL', 'Texas Instruments' and some others.

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